In this course, TFD’s resident investing expert Amanda Holden will teach you everything you need to know in order to dive deeper into your wealth-building journey. Delve further into the language of money by learning how to confidently navigate investing strategy, take real action to build wealth, and further understand "alternative" investing categories.


  • Access to the course, designed to be taken over 4 weeks (or at whatever pace feels best for you)
  • Course syllabus
  • Corresponding homework to go with each lesson
  • Presentation slides that go along with each class
  • Access to pre-recorded office hours where Amanda answers students' investing questions
  • Additional resources from Amanda to help you along your wealth-building journey


  1. Review, Foundations, DIY vs. Automated Investing, Investing Beyond a Workplace Plan
  2. Banks, FinTech, Hiring Financial Help, Researching Funds
  3. How Portfolio Managers Do It, Deep Dive Into Stock and Bond Categories
  4. Real Estate, Ethical Investing, Rebalancing and Upkeep, FAQs, Mastering Investor Behavior

We recommend taking Investing 101 (available for purchase HERE) before taking 201.