TFD's most popular class (taken by over 7,000 students!) is now available for purchase!

In this course, TFD’s resident investing expert Amanda Holden will teach you everything you need to know about building a diversified, profitable portfolio from the ground up — or fine-tuning and optimizing your current investment strategy — so that you can set up a lifelong wealth-building plan that takes up very little energy.


  • Access to the course, designed to be taken over 4 weeks (or at whatever pace feels best for you)
  • Course syllabus
  • Corresponding homework to go with each lesson
  • Presentation slides that go along with each class
  • Access to pre-recorded office hours where Amanda answers students' investing questions
  • Additional resources from Amanda to help you along your wealth-building journey


  1. Why You Need to Invest + Investment Accounts
  2. Investing Foundations
  3. Picking an Investment Strategy and Building a Portfolio
  4. Fine-Tuning Your Strategy, Upkeep, and Tips for Maximum Success